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  Infor XBRL Html Renderings
  Form 10-Q (8-31-13)
  Form 10-Q (11-30-13)
  Form 10-Q (2-28-14)
  Form 10-K (5-31-14)
  Form 10-Q (7-31-14)
  Form 10-Q (10-31-14)
  Form 10-Q (1-31-15)
  Form 10-KT (4-30-15)
  Form 10-Q (7-31-15)
  Form 10-Q (10-31-15)
  Form (S-4)
  Form 10-Q (1-31-16)
  Form 10-K (4-30-16)
  Form 10-Q (7-31-16)
  Form 10-Q (10-31-16)
  Form 10-Q (1-31-17)
  Form 10-K (4-30-17)
  Form 10--Q (7-31-17)
  Form 10-Q (10-31-17)
  Form 10-Q (1-31-18)
  Form 10-K (4-30-18)

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